The PT-NRAS2B32-K4, PT-NRAS2E16-K8, and PT-NRAS2E32-K8 are part of the Aisense Network Video Recorder series, offering high-quality video recording and intelligent features for up to 32 IP camera inputs.

About PT-NRAS2B32-K4/PT-NRAS2E16-K8/PT-NRAS2E32-K8

The Aisense Network Video Recorder series provides advanced surveillance solutions with up to 32-ch IP camera inputs, offering high-resolution decoding and intelligent features such as facial recognition and smart motion detection.

Compatible Software & SDK

The NVRs are compatible with a range of software and SDKs for seamless integration into existing surveillance systems, ensuring easy management and control.

Features & Benefits

  • High-resolution decoding capacity for up to 32 IP camera inputs
  • Intelligent features including facial recognition and smart motion detection
  • Efficient storage management with H.265+ compression technology
  • Secure stream transmission with TLS encryption
  • HD video output with HDMI and VGA interfaces
  • Expandable storage options with up to 8 SATA interfaces