About Of Payroll

Payroll Management Software is one of the software which is used for the employee salary. MegaMind are provides This software can calculate the salary in the manufacturing units or production units where salary is calculated on the basis of no. of products made by an employee or where there is a policy of salary on Piece-rate. It will keep track of hours, calculating wages. The employees needs wages information and hours then the software calculates the information including with holdings automatically. It also manages the increment in due time, and additionally it can also calculate different deductions or additions like ESI, PF, TDS, TAX, Loan Advance, Arrears, Gratuity and Bonus.

Features & Benefits

  • Single click salary processing.
  • Fully linked database with time office software management.
  • No- requirement of additional entry for employees.
  • Fully automated with attendance machine
  • In-built compliance related reports & data is save in devices.
  • Statuary Reports.
  • Manual Attendance Entry System/Uploads (Excel, Csv, Text etc.)
  • Attendance Integration With Time Machine
  • Overtime Entry & Upload Module, generation module
  • Employee’s Increment, Appraisal Feature
  • Easy Data Process , Input & paperless payroll

Use of Payroll Management System

  • Saves Time and lowers error ratio Payroll management systems are efficient at handling large employee salary data. It can create and manage multiple salary structures for various seniority levels in your organization. The software automatically calculates salary heads based on the latest IT and Govt. compliance norms and records the data into its servers making it easy to retrieve data. All in all, it largely reduces the time for the entire payroll processes and eliminates the possibility of errors in salary calculation.
  • Simplifies the whole Payroll Method Calculation of salaries, deductions and incentives are not an easy process, it requires the repetition of the entire process for every employee at every month. To makes things simple a payroll management system requires you to enter the data only for the first time. It automatically calculates and repeats the process for the subsequent months.
  • Computerized data eliminates the hiccups of managing huge amounts of paper-based files Managing huge data through paper-based files can make a lot of hiccups. It is time-consuming and often makes the processes more complicated than it really is. Implementing a payroll management system replaces all the paper-based files into reliable and secure computer files.
  • It’s Cost-effective A payroll management software avoids hiring more employees to handle the payroll management. It doesn’t require any investment in hardware such as servers and physical software packages. Which makes the system cost-effective.
  • it’s secure Most Payroll management systems save data into secure cloud servers, which assures the security of your data. The confidential documents can only be accessed with passwords or proper security measures which helps to secure your data from unauthorized access