About Metal detector Gate

Metal detectors work on the principle of transmitting a magnetic field and analyzing the return signal from the target and the environment. The transmitted magnetic field varies over time, usually at the rates of fairly high-pitched audio signals..The pulse generates a small magnetic field. When a piece of metal passes through this magnetic field, a reflected magnetic field will emerge and this magnetic field will react with the receiver coil, triggering an alarm in the door frame metal detector. This process will happen in a few microseconds

Features & benefits

  • Stop incoming weapons and sharp objects..
  • Ensure the safety of people on site.
  • Enter people and exit process Agility.
  • Metal Detector Type: Walk Through Metal Detector.
  • Plugged in Charging on metal detector gate.
  • Built in Speaker on metal detector gate.
  • Automatically detects metal objects, like Iron, nut bolts, JCB pokelan teeth, casting, hammer


A Door Frame Metal Detector (DFMD) as the name suggests, is a metal detector mounted in a door to detect metal that may be hidden on the body of a person passing through this door. Also known as a "walk through" metal detector

Use of metal Detector Gate

· Airports, Railway Station Metro station · Ports · Big events · Commercial facilities · Hotels · Banks Courts and others.