About Multidoor_Access_Control

Access control is usually one or two small units wired directly onto a door panel to control access to the door. There is no need for a PC network and you don't have to secure every single door within your building, only those you wish to , all electronics are installed in a keypad or reader - there are no additional components or peripherals, including extra wiring, routers, sensors and alarms.

Features & Benefits

  • Access Authority Configuration.
  • Automatic Door Management
  • Custom Reports
  • Scheduled backups.
  • Alarm notifications
  • Facility mapping


The purpose of access control is to provide fast, convenient access control for authorized users Individuals, at the same time, restrict access to unauthorized people.

Use of Multidoor_Access_Control

  • Keeping unwanted visitors out
  • Keeping track of who enters the facility
  • Increased security for sensitive areas
  • Setting specialized access parameters
  • No hassle with traditional keys