About software solutions

A Software solution is a set of related software programs and or services that are sold as a single package. software developers, in particular, refer to all of their individual products as software solutions. For Example LSS Private Limited is a software solution Company Because they Developed products like.

MegaMind Communicator

MegaMind TechnoSoft have a strong experience in providing quality software for Windows / Web environment. We have our own product like TimeOffice, Payroll, LMS, VMS, Employee File etc. We work with our expert team so that we can provide service to business partners & customers upto his satisfaction. Our approach is to provide perfect solution to our business partners & customers regardless of what product or service would be necessary.

MegaMind TimeOfficeTracker (Web based & Windows based)

This TimeOffice Application can manage all attendance record of any office/factory, It can be calculate late arrival, early departure, excess lunch hour, total time loss by an employee or by a department, OT, leave etc and its report too. By this application a management can easly track / analysis of his employee activity and performance. There are 50+ management report is available in this application that’s make is very responsive for user and management.

MegaMind Payroll Processor

By this Payroll Software we can process our employee salary depends upon his present, absent, leave, wo, holiday, ot etc. User configurable late arrival and early departure policy. It’s PF, ESI, Loan, Bonus Graduty parts make unbeatable in market, No body can change in salary if once it’s locked by administrator.

MegaMind Leave Management Software

It is an web based Leave Management System (LMS) software to manage Leave Application & its approval through web application, Employee will request for his leave and his senior authority/reporting person will approve/reject his leave application and can give a reason of rejection. There can be n number of reporting person, configuration option for single hod approval/multiple hod approval, auto mail on leave application, approval & rejection. configuration for auto leave approval or auto leave forward to next level, if hod is not taking any action on leave. This software have much more feathers that can be fullfill to a company leave management policy.

MegaMind Visitor Management Software

Visitor Management System refers to tracking the usage of a public building or site. By gathering increasing amounts of information, a Visitor management system can record the usage of the facilities by specific visitors and provide documentation. Because a visitor management system provides a record of building use. It's manage visitor pass, visitor materials in/our, visitor in/out, total visitor in factory/office, company/department/location wise visitor information/count. Because of so many feathers we can give a tag of Complete visitor management solution.

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