Glass Bolt Lock (Frameless Glass Door)

Drop Bolt Lock (Frameless Glass Door) create a strong, safe and secure way of closing your entrance while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your living space. The frameless doors have no outer frame work and you have a choice of pivot or hinge doors.Drop Bolt Lock (Frameless Glass Door) with Indicator are an attractive and practical way to add security and privacy wherever 8mm to 12mm sliding glass doors are used in Glass-to-Wall or 180º Glass-to-Glass installations. A turn of the thumbturn on the interior side of the lock changes the color of the exterior indicator. Drop Bolt Lock internal doors from FGC can be used in any existing door frame in your home, or custom made to suit a new opening for your extension. All our high-quality Internal Frameless Glass Doors are bespoke and provide a number of advantages over internal doors in other materials.

Frameless Glass Drop Bolt Lock

Drop Bolt Lock (Frameless Glass Door) is used to lock the doors, allowing the authorized user to pass-by. It can be used with our access control system and attendance system with specific interface that makes it usable with Drop Bolt Lock, door strike or turnstile. It is used to resist the unauthorized movement in the offices or work set-ups. This interface is linked with the card readers which authenticates the entry of any person.

Special Features

  • Low Temperature, Safe & Durable
  • Special photo-electricity control, three steps current application.
  • Long Life with 500,000 Operations
  • Provides Reverse Current Protection
  • Superior Strength Aluminium Alloy, Solid Stainless Steel Bolt.
  • Auto-lock Time Delay: 0, 3, 6, 9 sec.
  • Double protection for loading current.
  • Auto-relock if no Action within 5 secs.

Technical Details

  • 5 Wires Electric Glass Bolt Lock
  • Contour Dimension of Aluminum slice : 148 x 43 x 25 mm ( L x W x H )
  • Contour Dimension of Lock : 148 x 43 x 39 mm ( L x W x H )
  • Voltage : 12V
  • Working Current : 0.8 A
  • Auto-lock Time Delay: 0, 3, 6, 9 sec.
  • Lock Delay : Can be adjusted to 0-6s
  • Operand Humidity: 0%-95%
  • Suitable for : Frame less Glass door
  • Weight : 1kg