About Epabx Solutions

EPABX stands for Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange which is a private telephone network used by the organizations and the companies for establishing voice communication between the employees or outside with the clients.It dosen't matter if you have a small or a large scale business ,Megamind Analog EPABX intercom system can be the backbone of internal communications for your business. Apart from offices, Megamind Analog EPABX intercom system can also be of much use for apartments, schools, universities, hotels and many otherorganizations involving multiple departments.

Features & benefits

  • Megamind EPABX intercom systems find large scale applicability in various places like houses,apartments, hotels, offices and many more, corporate houses rem ain the top consumers of these lines.
  • EPABX lines cost low as compared to the direct telephone lines, the the number of calls made in a day are more than tousands for a well run office.
  • Megamind EPABX intercom systems is cost - effective communication . Hence, these systems are good for any office, small or big..
  • Megamind EPABX intercom systems allows centralized control comes with a feature that allows all the incoming calls to come to one single receiving point assigned with a single number and then t he calls can be routed to the required department.


Megamind EPABX system refers to the private branch exchange service use for communication in office.It is a telephone system where in the incoming phone calls are received at a main point and then routed to various extensions of deparments and emoloyees.There are actual physical lines that are used along with a main control panel thats called epabx systems PABX gives businesses more control and flexibility over their voice communication processes. It is a viable solution for internal collaboration. It’s also perfect for making and receiving outside calls.

Use of Epabx System

Megamind Epabx system used within a company or organization to communicate internally (within the company) and externally (the outside world),helps businesses to cut cost by using a private branch exchange