Speed Face 5 Face Recognition device

SpeedFace 5 is the face recognition product with high performance and high reliability, which depends on the deep learning algorithm, also having the characteristics of quick recognition speed and high accuracy .we offer speed face 5 facial attendance and access control, biomax speedface - 8 tm facial attendance and access control with temperature detection, biomax no touch n-uface 602 face attendance device, biomax no touch n-uface 302 time attendance terminal, n-bio101 w advance multi bio no touch attendance system and multi-biometric time attendance & access control system model n-bm70-w from India

Speed Face 5 Face Recognition with Temperature Detection

Speed Face 5 one of the most effective biometrics With with Temperature Detection. It uses near-infrared ray or visible light reflection to capture face. Speed Face 5 is one of the pioneer manufacture of Face recognisation systems.

Face Recognition with Temperature

Based on the accurate thermal imaging temperature measurement, this facial recognition thermometer can detect the forehead temperature and quickly identify the information of the person with a mask.

Compatible Software & SDK:

  • Megamind Attendance Application desktop & web
  • SDK for desktop applications
  • Supports 3rd Party Payroll/HRMS/ERP and Other applications