About Metal Detector Handheld

Hand held metal detectors are designed for fast and efficient everyday use to accurately detect knives, weapons and blunt metal objects. It is an alternative and complementary tool to fixed scanners, bringing more mobility and flexibility.

Features & benefits

  • Portable Metal Detector Handheld are easy to carry.Light weight, easy to handle.
  • Indicating sections are available for power, low voltage and alarm.
  • Sound and vibration alarms are available.
  • Metal Detector Handheld can even accurately detect minus particles..
  • Metal Detector Handheld Very sensitive.
  • Security personnel can physically detect if a person is carrying a metal object


Hand held metal detectors are required for security surveillance of our premises, it will be Be compact and portable. HHMD should operate on safe and maintenance free rechargeable batteries.

Use of Metal Detector Handheld

Airports, Railway station, Metro station, · Big events, · Commercial facilities, · Hotels, Courts and Others.