MELO31 is an FBI PIV certified optical fingerprint scanner by Mantra Softech, offering high-precision biometric data capture with advanced features for various industries.

About MELO31

Mantra Softech is a leading global manufacturer of biometric products and solutions, providing a wide range of innovative solutions in the biometric and RFID industry. MELO31 is one of our flagship products, designed to meet the demanding requirements of modern identification, verification, and authentication processes.

Compatible Software & SDK

MELO31 is compatible with Windows 10 & 11, Android, and Linux operating systems, and it comes with standard software and SDK for seamless integration into existing systems.

Features & Benefits

  • Speedy scanning
  • Durable and rugged design
  • High precision with 500 DPI resolution
  • USB 2.0 high-speed interface for quick data transfer
  • Easily integrates with compatible devices
  • Lower FRR and FAR for enhanced security
  • IP65 rating for water and dust protection, suitable for outdoor applications
  • MINEX III certified high-performing fingerprint algorithm
  • Latent fingerprint detection capability
  • Capture high-quality images with various types of fingerprints
  • FBI PIV certification ensures reliability and accuracy
  • Support for ISO/IEC 19794-2:2005/2011 & ANSI INCITS 378-2004 Biometric Data Interchange Format
  • Scratch-free optical sensor
  • NIST compliance for WSQ/JPEG image compression
MFS110 L1