Uface602 Time Attendance & Access Control System

The Face verification is a new device for access control and time attendance that not only verifies identity using fingerprint matching, but also uses a new technology that can run a facial recognition match. This means, the Face verification will be run a scan of your face using its high resolution infrared CCTV Camera, and match it to the scan that was previously memorized into the system. It is not just in the movies anymore, this is reality! The Face Device brings contactless verification, tighter security and a user-friendly interface all into one compact device.

Face Recognition Access Control Devices

Facial biometrics is used to identify a user from check lists that have previously been uploaded and to check his identity when passing through an entrance or when clocking in or out. The devices are totally autonomous, it requires human intervention, optimizing company costs and processes. The photographs are not stored in any database. They are eliminated after the face has been recognized; basically, thus protecting the user’s sensitive data Swipe identification cards are more costly compared to biometric access control system. Biometric access control system is way safer than just swiping identification cards. For the reason that, swipe cards can be easily stolen and the person who possess it can easily acquire its identity if the card is not yet blocked. Unlike the use of unique physical features, these features are impossible to be taken from you.

Compatible Software & SDK:

  • Megamind Attendance Application desktop & web
  • SDK for desktop applications
  • Supports 3rd Party Payroll/HRMS/ERP and Other applications