Door Exit Switches

Exit Push Button Switches are manufactured from high quality stainless steel material. With a several contact configuration options, Metallic Door Release Switches operate on simple push-to-complete circuitry making them fully compatible every access control door controllers.

We supply an array of door buttons including lock door button, electric door button etc. that are security systems come in varied specifications as per the order demands of our clients. This finds application in doors and concealing boxes.

Introduction and Explain About Types of Switches

This exit button provides a stylish solution, at low cost, for light traffic applications. Having symbols instead of text to give visual indication to users of its purpose it can help overcome potential language barriers.

  • Push Button (1*3)
  • Push Button (3*3)
  • Exit Switch
  • No Touch Exit Sensor

Exit Switch

Push to exit buttons are an essential part of access control applications. It is a spring-loaded, button which is often mounted on a stainless steel plate. ... The exit push button is used to “request to exit” devices in the access control system that are used on doors, exits, gates