About STI-NVR4S1-1960P

The SeeThru SMART STI-NVR4S1-1960P is a high-performance network video recorder designed for professional surveillance applications. With support for up to 8 channels of 6MP/5MP/4MP/3MP/1080P/960P/720P/960H/D1/CIF IP video input, it offers versatile compatibility with various camera configurations. Featuring advanced H.265+ compression and intuitive GUI, it ensures efficient storage utilization and user-friendly operation. With support for multiple recording modes, smart search, and VCA events detection, it provides comprehensive surveillance capabilities. Additionally, it offers flexible backup options, dual-stream technology, and powerful remote access via web client or mobile app for enhanced monitoring and management.

Compatible Software & SDK

This NVR is compatible with various surveillance software and SDKs, facilitating seamless integration into existing surveillance systems and enabling advanced monitoring and management functionalities.

Features & Benefits

  • Versatile Compatibility: Supports up to 8 channels of various IP video input resolutions, ensuring compatibility with different camera configurations.
  • Efficient Compression: Utilizes advanced H.265+ compression technology for efficient storage utilization and bandwidth savings without compromising video quality.
  • Intuitive GUI: Features a user-friendly Graphic User Interface (GUI) for easy navigation and operation, enhancing user experience and efficiency.
  • Multiple Recording Modes: Offers multi-type recording options including manual, timed, motion, sensor, POS, and AI recording for flexible surveillance management.
  • Smart Search: Allows users to quickly search for specific footage based on time slice, event, tag, or smart criteria, streamlining the investigation process.
  • VCA Events Detection: Supports multiple Video Content Analytics (VCA) events detection such as object abandoned/missing, region intrusion, tripwire, video exception, and crowd density, enhancing security and situational awareness.
  • Flexible Backup Options: Provides express and flexible backup options via USB, network, etc., ensuring data integrity and reliability.
  • Dual-Stream Technology: Supports dual-stream technology for local storage with high definition and remote network transmission, enabling simultaneous high-quality local recording and remote surveillance.
  • Remote Access: Enables remote control and access via web client or CMS, allowing users to preview, playback, backup, PTZ, and configure the NVR remotely.