The SeeThru SMART STI-NVR32S2-4K is a high-end network video recorder (NVR) designed for professional surveillance applications. With support for up to 32 channels of 8MP IP cameras and advanced features such as face detection and comparison, it provides comprehensive security monitoring with 4K ultra-high-resolution output.

About STI-NVR32S2-4K

The SeeThru SMART STI-NVR32S2-4K offers advanced surveillance capabilities with intuitive operation and robust functionality. It is designed to meet the demands of large-scale security installations, delivering high-quality video recording, playback, and analysis.

Compatible Software & SDK

Compatible with various surveillance software and SDKs, ensuring seamless integration with existing security systems and providing customization options for specific requirements.

Features & Benefits

  • High-Definition Output: Supports 4K ultra-high-resolution output for clear and detailed video display.
  • Multi-Channel Support: Accommodates up to 32 channels of 8MP IP cameras, providing extensive surveillance coverage.
  • Intuitive GUI: User-friendly Graphic User Interface (GUI) allows for easy operation with Windows-style navigation via mouse.
  • Multi-Mode Recording: Offers versatile recording options including manual, timed, motion, sensor, and POS/alarm recording.
  • Face Detection and Comparison: Supports face detection and comparison for enhanced security monitoring and identification.
  • VCA Events Support: Enables detection of various Video Content Analytics (VCA) events such as object detection, intrusion, tripwire, and video exceptions.
  • Express Backup: Allows for quick and flexible backup options via USB, network, and other methods.
  • Remote Access: Facilitates remote monitoring, playback, backup, PTZ control, and configuration via web client or CMS.
  • Dual Stream Technology: Utilizes dual stream technology for local storage with high-definition and remote network transmission, optimizing bandwidth usage.
  • Multi-User Access: Supports multiple users accessing the system simultaneously for enhanced collaboration and monitoring.
  • Authorization Management: Provides authorization management for improved security and control over system access.