What is a Proximity Card

Proximity Cards and Credentials use contactless integrated circuit technology to transmit security data or payment information from a distance. Prox cards are usually used as electronic keys in access control systems to unlock doors. Shop a full line of Proximity Cards and KeyFobs compatible with any brand of access control reader. We guarantee the lowest pricing & fastest delivery on proximity cards.

A proximity card (also known as prox cards or access control cards) is a card that works with door access control systems to wirelessly unlock the door, replacing a traditional key and lock. Prox cards make it easy to restrict access to a campus, building, or secured area.

Use of Proximity Card?

Proximity are used in businesses around the world in a wide variety of industries. They are extremely popular with large office buildings, businesses with large campuses and multiple buildings, schools, government offices, and more

How Proximity Cards Work

Proximity card readers translate the card code into a format the electronic door lock can understand. If the data on the card matches the list of valid key codes stored by the proximity system, the door will unlock. Proximity cards can’t be re-encoded, but the list of valid key codes recognized by the access control system can be updated as cards are issued, lost, or retired.

Proximity cards must be ordered from a secure supplier and cannot be encoded in house with an ID card printer; this prevents keycards from being fraudulently duplicated. Some organizations purchase a complete system that includes the cards and readers, or work with a security partner to install readers customized to your card type.

There are Tow Types of cards


Technical Details

  • Card Dimensions : 54 x 0.82 x 85(mm)
  • Card Construction : Thin, Flexible
  • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) laminate
  • Operating Temperature : 13° to 158°F
  • Working Frequency : 125KHz
  • Maximum Read Range : 2 - 6 cm
  • Weight : 9 Gram
  • ISO Format : 125 Khz