The PT-NRAS3A00-I8/S is part of the Intelligent Series NVR, offering advanced surveillance capabilities with embedded Linux Dual OS design, intelligent analytics, and support for up to 32 or 64 IP camera inputs. It features facial recognition, perimeter protection, and robust video and audio decoding capabilities.

About PT-NRAS3A00-I8-S

This Intelligent Series NVR is designed for sophisticated surveillance applications, providing advanced features such as facial recognition, perimeter protection, and intelligent analytics based on proprietary algorithms. With support for up to 64 IP cameras and extensive decoding capability, it offers comprehensive surveillance solutions for various environments.

Compatible Software & SDK

The NVR is compatible with ONVIF for seamless integration with third-party network cameras and supports a range of surveillance software and SDKs for customization and expansion.

Features & Benefits

  • Embedded Linux Dual OS design for reliable performance
  • Facial recognition with up to 16 face picture libraries and 10,000 face pictures in total
  • Perimeter protection with up to 4-ch video analysis for human and vehicle recognition
  • High-resolution video decoding and synchronous playback for up to 16 channels at 1080p
  • Dual-stream recording and support for various audio compression formats
  • Remote connections for up to 128 users and support for multiple network protocols
  • RAID storage configurations for enhanced data reliability and protection
  • Extensive auxiliary interfaces including serial ports, USB interfaces, and alarm inputs/outputs