PT-NR3A32-M16/R - PT-NR3A64-M16/R

The PT-NR3A32-M16/R and PT-NR3A64-M16/R are advanced 8K Network Video Recorders designed for high-performance surveillance systems, offering support for up to 32 or 64 IP cameras, extensive decoding capabilities, and reliable storage solutions with RAID configurations.

About PT-NR3A32-M16/R - PT-NR3A64-M16/R

These NVRs deliver professional-grade surveillance solutions with robust features and reliability, making them suitable for various applications ranging from small-scale installations to large-scale deployments. With support for special cameras, advanced streaming technology, and redundant power supplies, they provide comprehensive surveillance solutions for diverse environments.

Compatible Software & SDK

Both models are compatible with a range of surveillance software and SDKs, ensuring seamless integration into existing systems and offering flexibility for customization and expansion.

Features & Benefits

  • Up to 32 or 64 IP camera inputs with support for high-resolution video decoding
  • Advanced streaming technology for smooth live view even in challenging network conditions
  • RAID storage configurations for enhanced data reliability and protection against data loss
  • Support for special cameras such as people counting, ANPR, and fisheye cameras
  • Dual HDMI and VGA outputs with 8K resolution or dual 4K options for flexible display configurations
  • Smart functions including VCA detection, heat mapping, ANPR, and people counting for advanced surveillance applications