The Prama PT-NPZH8C442IXS-APLW is a high-performance 4MP 42× IR Network Speed Dome camera designed for professional surveillance applications. With advanced features such as a 1/1.8 inch progressive scan CMOS sensor, 42× optical zoom, and expansive night vision up to 500 meters, it provides exceptional imaging quality and coverage even in challenging low-light conditions. Its rugged IP67-rated construction ensures reliable operation in various environments, making it suitable for wide-ranging applications.


The PT-NPZH8C442IXS-APLW from Prama is a cutting-edge surveillance solution tailored for demanding security needs. Its 4MP resolution, combined with a 42× optical zoom lens, delivers detailed surveillance over expansive areas with precision. Equipped with infrared technology, it offers extended night vision capabilities of up to 500 meters, ensuring round-the-clock monitoring. With its robust IP67-rated design, this camera is built to withstand harsh environmental conditions, making it suitable for diverse applications ranging from transportation hubs to industrial facilities.

Compatible Software & SDK

Compatible with major web browsers and supports ONVIF (Profile S, Profile G, Profile T) for seamless integration into existing surveillance systems.

Features & Benefits

  • High-resolution 4MP imaging for superior clarity.
  • 42× optical zoom lens for precise monitoring over large areas.
  • Extended IR distance of up to 500 meters for expansive night vision.
  • Rugged IP67-rated construction for reliable performance in harsh environments.
  • Advanced video compression technology for efficient bandwidth utilization.
  • Smart event detection capabilities for proactive surveillance.
  • Comprehensive alarm linkage options for quick response to incidents.