The PT-DR1A04U-K1 is a high-definition DVR offering advanced surveillance features for professional applications. With support for multiple video compression formats, flexible camera inputs, and enhanced perimeter protection capabilities, this DVR ensures reliable and efficient monitoring.

About PT-DR1A04U-K1

The PT-DR1A04U-K1 is a cutting-edge DVR designed for high-definition surveillance systems. Featuring H.265 Pro+/H.265 Pro/H.265 video compression and support for various camera types, including IP and analog, this DVR delivers exceptional performance and flexibility in monitoring environments.

Compatible Software & SDK

This DVR is compatible with a wide range of surveillance software and SDKs, enabling seamless integration with existing surveillance systems. Its intuitive user interface and comprehensive management features make it easy to control and monitor surveillance networks effectively.

Features & Benefits

  • Advanced H.265 video compression for efficient storage and bandwidth usage
  • Support for up to 8-ch IP camera inputs with resolutions up to 8 MP
  • Enhanced perimeter protection features, including line crossing detection and intrusion detection
  • Flexible recording options with support for various encoding resolutions and frame rates
  • Dual stream support for simultaneous video and audio streaming
  • Comprehensive network management capabilities for remote access and control