MORPHS is a portable slap fingerprint scanner developed by MANTRA. It offers reliable fingerprint capture in various conditions, including direct sunlight, dusty environments, and with dry or dirty fingers. With its rugged casing and IP65 water and dust protection, MORPHS ensures high-quality fingerprint images for biometric verification and identification applications.

Compatible Software & SDK

MORPHS is compatible with the MIDFinger_Enroll SDK, offering features such as NIST compliance WSQ compression module and NFIQ quality check. This compatibility enables seamless integration into various systems and applications, making it an ideal choice for system integrators and solution providers.

Features & Benefits

  • Optical Scratch-Free Sensor: Delivers excellent imaging performance even in dusty conditions or with stained fingerprint surfaces.
  • IP65 Water and Dust Protection: Rugged casing and platen covered by a safety cover ensure durability and reliability in harsh environments.
  • Direct Sunlight Compatibility: Capable of performing in direct sunlight conditions up to 100K Lux.
  • FBI Appendix-F & Mobile ID FAP60 Certified: Captured image quality certified by FBI for interoperability with AFIS systems.
  • WHQL Certified Device Driver: Ensures compatibility and reliability with Windows operating systems.
  • LED Indicators: Provides visual feedback on power status and fingerprint image quality.
  • USB 2.0 Interface: Convenient interface for fast and secure data transfer.
  • Flat Capture Support: Capable of capturing flat four fingers and two thumbs simultaneously.
  • Easy-to-Integrate: Ergonomic design and SDK architecture make integration simple for system integrators and solution providers.