About MIS100V2

The MIS100 V2 is a high-quality USB IRIS Sensor designed by MANTRA for IRIS authentication in desktop or network security applications. With its single IRIS sensor, it is extensively used in identity applications such as Aadhaar Authentication, Banking Applications, and Access Control Applications.

Compatible Software & SDK

The MIS100 V2 is compatible with software and SDKs provided by MANTRA, ensuring seamless integration into diverse systems and applications for biometric data processing and analysis.

Features & Benefits

  • Plug & Play USB 2.0: Offers easy installation and high-speed data transfer for efficient operation.
  • Lower FAR and FRR: Provides enhanced security with lower False Acceptance Rate (FAR) and False Rejection Rate (FRR).
  • STQC Certified Product: Ensures compliance with quality standards for reliable performance.
  • Supports Multiple Operating Systems: Compatible with Android, Windows, and Linux Operating Systems for versatile deployment.
  • Extensive Applications: Suitable for PC/Network Security, Time and Attendance, Smart Card Application, AFIS, Health & Medical, UIDAI, Jeevan Pramaan, AEBAS, Skill Development, NREGA, PDS, and more.