The MARC10 is a sleek capacitive fingerprint scanner designed for various applications, boasting features like scratch-free sensor surface, latent finger detection, and lower FAR and FRR.

About MARC10

The MARC10, equipped with advanced capacitive sensor technology, offers reliable and secure fingerprint authentication for banking, corporates, payment systems, e-governance, and more.

Compatible Software & SDK

The MARC10 is compatible with Windows 7, 10 & 11, Android, and Linux operating systems. It supports 1:1 and 1:N matching with MORFIN_AUTH and MORFIN_SEARCH software/SDK.

Features & Benefits

  • Scratch-free sensor surface
  • Latent finger detection
  • Lower FAR and FRR
  • USB 2.0 interface with plug and play
  • 500 DPI capacitive fingerprint sensor
  • FBI PIV & Mobile ID Certified
  • FAP10 capacitive device
  • IP54 water and dust protected device
  • High accuracy and reliability