About Gym Management Software

Megamind Technosoft GYM Management Software is an online platform, which helps to manage Membership bookings, (Weekly, Monthly Quarterly) Payment Schedule, Attendance, Membership Expire Access manage with Biometric Devices etc It provides a self-service which you can track the attendance of employees, plan their diet and schedule and keep them updated through SMS & emails. GYM management software will link with Door Access Control system and Biometric System to Manage Access allow / denied of members as desired.

Features & Benefit

There are many types of Features & benefit

  • For Attendance
  • For Proper Identification
  • For early Information of term completion
  • For Proper Management Of Employee
  • Total Collection (Daily / Weekly / Monthly)
  • Implemented with Biometric machine

Use of Gym Software

Megamind Technosoft Gym Software is a fully featured Fitness club & Gym Management Software . Megamind Technosoft Gym Software provides end-to-end solutions designed for Windows. This online Fitness club & Gym Management system offers Billing & Invoicing, Membership Management, Class Management, Point of Sale at one place.

Gym Management Software