MegaMind Time-Attendance system software is an automatic attendance marking system which records attendance data of a user and generates various reports for further action. MegaMind Attendance software is a type of software which is designed to keep track of business application and for optimizing the hours that employees spend on the job. This software will keep track records of attendances, Using This software will keep track records of attendances, Using this software you can manage the group and all types of section and department. this software is user-friendly

FEATURES & benefits-
  • Real time attendance tracking.
  • Punching Patterns for Employees.
  • Fingerprint, face view, pin based, card base,
  • Both are Day Shift & Night Shift employees.
  • Shift management option – Rotational & Fixed.
  • Overtime set-up.
  • Shift change option.
  • More than user.
  • Tracking employee hours.
  • Tracking wages paid.
  • Automating payroll processes.

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